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Our Focus Health, Safety and Environment

For Health

By pursuing a passion for wellness and nutrition, we contribute to the health and wellbeing of our consumers. We help our clients to deriver improved employee performance and satisfaction, encouraging client retention in our business.
As a foodservice company, we recognize that we have an enormous impact on consumers choose to eat and drink. Our positive contribution to their diet and nutrition is our most significant impact and we are proud of the role we play in promoting health, wellness and nutrition.

For Food Safety

[Food Material Procurement and Control]
To secure the traceability and control the quality of all food materials that we purchase, we check such points as origin, packing place and production process based on our own unified standard of requirement. At the same time, we conduct strict screening test.
Meanwhile, we make a constant effort to ensure food safety and improve our food quality by performing regular inspection of processors’ plants and evaluation of suppliers’ safety management system.

[Food Preparation]
To ensure the safety of the materials during preparation, we maintain extremely high standard of hygiene control, complying with HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point). In our daily operation, we follow our own systemized hygiene control manual that sets standards covering most of the food preparation related matters including food temperature control, heating method and sanitizing kitchen utensils and our staff.

For Environment

By serving safe and tasty food, we support “safe, comfortable and healthy life” of customers while trying our best to conduct eco-friendly business activities.
Each of our offices individually challenges to obtain ISO14001 certification. Many of them have already succeeded in obtaining or renewing it.

Our food serving facilities on two highway rest areas, Ebina SA (outbound) and Umi-Hotaru PA, were certified to ISO14001 in 2001. They became the first such facilities to obtain ISO certifications in Japan.
Currently, 1,238 units are certificated. (as of March 2013)